Introduction: Last week of my thoughts on Pentecost. From Passover to Pentecost

Week One – Scattered
Week Two – Gathered
Week Three – Released (Sent / Commission)
Week Four – Last Week – Joel 2:28 – Kingdom & Repentance

Today I want to talk about Pentecost and what it means; is; and it’s practice today/now while answering a few questions.

Transition: So, let me start by asking and answering the first question. Is Pentecost for today or was it just a Early Church manifestation?

Church History Timeline


Peter Seinfels – The New York Times – July 7, 2001

Transition: But is it still for today? Are the miracles found in the Bible still viable today?

BBC Religion Pentecostalism 2/7/2009

Why I Am No Longer a Pentecostal – William (Bill) Davis

‘There were no miracles, no power, no gifts, no healings, nothing but the theatrical antics and delusions of men. What was claimed for the great power of God was nothing more than musical hype and psychologically induced emotionalism’.

Question: Have there been excesses, un-biblical and manufactured ‘pentecostal’ demonstrations? Yes! Many!

But that doesn’t disqualify  Pentecost for today!

As for our Fellowship, the Assemblies of God I recommend this page as one of several you should visit/discover.

Transition: Pentecostal Expressions today.

Question: How is Pentecost experienced / practiced today? What are the evidences today of Pentecostalism?

There is nothing wrong with supernatural manifestations….and I pray and hope for them. Healing, tongues, prophecy, words of wisdom & knowledge, etc..

But here is my list of How Pentecost is most noticeable and pragmatic for our today:

  1. Evidence / Power of Transformed Lives.

When Pentecost came, the believers were changed / transformed.

  1. Desire for Growth & Fellowship.


  1. Hunger for / pursuit of Scriptures.


  1. Capacity / Intent for outreach/evangelism.


  1. Enablement and use of Gifts of Spirit.


  1. Deeper Personal Expressions in Worship.


  1.  ‘Super’ ‘Supernatural’ demonstrations– healing, creative miracles, dreams/visions, works of power(s).


Conclusion: I can’t fully all there is to discuss about Pentecost in 4 weeks but I wanted to give you an outline of sorts concerning the journey of the believers/disciples from Passover to Pentecost as a mere, general understanding.