Acts 2

Introduction: Last week…Scattered. Primarily we spoke about the disciples and what they did or didn’t do when the shepherd was struck…This week I want to look at not only what the disciples did, but a whole community of believers who were missing their shepherded. What did they do? The gathered.

Before I look at text, I want to talk about why, potentially, people don’t come together.

Why individuals don’t gather?

  1. Self-sufficiency.
  2. Pride / Embarrassment.
  3. Resources – Don’t know where to go.
  4. Don’t want to be measured / judged?

Why individuals don’t gather in church context?

  1. Too busy – Not enough time.
  2. Takes too long.
  3. No church family…. emphasis on family/community.
  4. Don’t want to be ‘preached at.’ / told what to do!
  5. Some people don’t like crowds. (Shy, feel ‘unworthy,’ etc….

Why did they Gather in upper room?

  1. Commanded to by Jesus.
  2. Had no other place to go.
  3. Had commonality / support from/by like-minded others.
  4. Looking for answers / help.

What happens at Pentecost?

  1. The Church ‘Gathered’
  2. They were ‘in one accord’
  3. Holy Spirit came in supernatural way.
  4. Received empowerment despite anticipation or credentials.
  5. Brought confusion to others – how do we hear these (unlearned) speaking great things about God in our language.
  6. Renewed for new purpose personally and corporately.

Conclusion: We need to gather…especially when we’ve been scattered.

It’s the enemy’s intention to divide and isolate…and he will use any and every possible method!