Acts 2

Introduction: This is week 3 of series leading to Pentecost Sunday.

Week One -Scattered. Primarily we spoke about the disciples and what they did or didn’t do when the shepherd was struck…This week I want to look at not only. What did they do? The gathered.

Week Two – Gathered – what the disciples did, but a whole community of believers who were missing their shepherded

Week Three today…. released.

Transition: At Pentecost they are empowered and come out of the upper room with the authority, boldness, ‘anointing’ to do a few things they were incapable of on their own strength, ability or merit.

I. ‘Receive Power’ to Witness’

What is contained in Acts 1:3-13 is the narrative of the preparation of individuals (church as whole) to continue the Ministry that Jesus began.

It’s what is called ‘The Apostolic Succession’ – The person and ministry of a(n) apostle is literally one who is sent.

Acts 1:8, ‘But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me1 in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.’ (NKJ)

Power = dynamis – which denotes ‘a robust force’ at work in demonstrative ways for all to see and feel.

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

Demonstration = apodeixis {ap-od’-ike-sis} Meaning:  1) a making manifest, showing forth 2) a demonstration, proof

To Be Witnesses = martus {mar’-toos} Meaning:  1) a witness 1a) in a legal sense 1b) an historical sense 1b1) one who is a spectator of anything, e.g. of a contest 1c) in an ethical sense 1c1)


Question: Are you or have you been ‘witness’ to something special concerning Jesus and the Gospel?


Witnessing vs. Evangelism – R. C. Sproul – Ligonier Ministries

Christian Witnessing


Transition: The second element of our empowerment for service is to make disciples.

II. Make Disciples – Matthew 28:18-20

4 Greek Words that make up / constitute what it is / means to be a disciple.

  1. Akoloutheo = follow, accompany, understand
  2. Mathetes = learner, pupil
  3. Mimeomai = imitate, follow; fellow-imitator.
  4. Opiso = behind, after; as opposed to someone who is fleeing persecution


Conclusion: So after we’ve gathered and been empowered we move toward our mission to witness and to make disciples.