Luke 17:11-19

Introduction: Thanksgiving week now moves into the Christmas month.

What do we hope for this season?

What kinds of things might we be expecting?

Who can we say about these lepers?

  1. Excluded from Society


a. Because of their medical condition

b. Because of their ethnicity


2. Kept their Distance

  1. Did not call out for healing but mercy
  2. Had some previous knowledge of Him –

Application: can you imagine having heard of something or someone who might be you answer but not having access?

  1. They called him ‘Master’. (espistata) was a term only used by Jesus’ disciples. Them calling Jesus as such demonstrated a sense of faith.


  • Obeyed in/by Faith


  1. Go check in with the Priest
  2. As they went…they were healed.


3. Deal with healing (miracle) differently.

a. Only one returns?

Application: might that indicate about the one?

b. Jesus inquiries about others?

Application: What might Jesus’ question seem to infere?

Question? What is the purpose of the miraculous and acts of grace God does for us?

Question? Who was really healed?

Of Leprosy…..all ten!

Of more necessary…possibly just one!


Genuine Faith:

  1. Recognizes its Reality.
  2. Desires / Expects change.
  3. Takes actions in/for new direction.
  4. Recognized value the miraculous.
  5. Grateful and Thankful for acts of grace.
  6. Understands that no one or nothing is beyond God’s reach.