Introduction: My pastoral exhortation for you (us) for 2020.

I. Worship Genuinely

Question: What is worship? How is it displayed / expressed?

  • Sincere
  • Deep
  • Passionate
  • Reverent

I go to church regularly why?

  1. Cooperate worship is a mandate of scripture
  2. Opportunity for growth / development /
  3. Exercise of corporate fellowship.

I show up to church on time why?

  1. I’m responsible 
  2. God
  3. Church
  4. Others
  5. i’m Respectful
  1. I’m ready


II. Read (Be in the Word) Consistently

  1. Foundation
  2. Devotional – mindful in all circumstances
  3. Inspirational

Application: You and I need to decide what we believe about God’s Word (authoritatively) and what we understand the tithe and offerings to be (theologically).


III. Serve Faithfully

Questions? Are we all deacons? Is our role vital? Is this a joint exercise for growth, kingdom vision, and individual giftedness?


IV. Give Honestly

  1. Conscientiously
  2. Cheerfully
  3. Biblically

Acts 5

Malachi 3

V. Love Thoroughly

  • 1 Corinthians 13
    • Patient
    • Kind
    • Keep no records of wrongs

Conclusion: What is my challenge to us for 2020? Here it is. I’ve already spoken to start the year about ‘Order’ and ‘Favor,’ now I get a little more specific.