Joshua 4:1-7

Introduction: Back in Joshua. The Joshua Generation has changed leadership, crossed the Jordan and now is on the brink of taking it’s first of many fruitful promises. Beginning in Chapter 4, the Lord speaks to Joshua and tells him

The city of Jericho!

But before we get to Jericho…(Sunday after Easter) let’s consider another part of the journey. What God commands in Joshua chapter 4.

Read 4:1-7

So, the priests are stationed with the Ark, God’s presence, in the middle of the Jordan and then the people are commanded to move forward.

  • 40 thousand men armed for war
  • Trek safely across at a distance of no less than two thousand cubits (about 2/3 of a mile)

The living God, whose law of dispossession and centralization rests in the ark and who gives orders through Joshua, will drive out the seven Canaanite nations.

What this is a re-conquest!

  1. Ready for Restructure – verse 1

‘When all the people had completely passed over…’

: The second thought comes from the language that is stated in verse

2. Leaders Among Leadersverse 2

    1. One from each tribe

Application: Among leaders, leaders need to emerge. Family, families need to emerge. Among Church’s, church’s need to emerge. Among Christians, Christians need to emerge. Among

Transition: We’re next told that these memorial stones are to come from place that was firm.

3. Solid Rocks  – verse 3

‘From the middle where priests stood firm’.

4.  Memorialsverse 6

Memorial speaks of what God did, not Joshua or the people.

Transition: Memorial’s established for everyone to see and remember….as as long as they are there.

5. For generations to comeverse 7